“Overload” installation

With Our overload of; food, fossil fuels, chemical use, information, to name a few of the subjects high in the conscience of many people, seeing it as detrimental to our environment and well being. We feel pulled apart from the comfort of our values and prejudices by the new. It is overwhelming for many but the inevitability is looming strong and unstoppable as we head into overload.

In the Installation “Overload” artists Shivaun Hogan local painter and sculptor, Clarence Collier local sculptor and Bindy Bonette textile sculptural artist, have used the couch as a metaphor of the human condition to self-destruct. The household couch has been part of many decisions to mass consume and allowing us to be comfortable to view our understanding of the world on the TV/computer.

Installation opening 12 noon – 2pm  Saturday 25th September all welcome!

Exhibition runs 25 September – 9 October


New Exhibition!

The second and last exhibition has started at Gallery 7. A new exhibition of around 20 local artists. A great range of styles and media on show. Some fabulous new contemporary jewellery as well.

With regret this will be the last exhibition at Gallery 7. So please do come down before October the 9th and check out the fabulous artwork on show. And have a chat to Rebecca & Shivaun, we’d love to hear from you.

Exhibtion runs 14 September – 9 October.

Current Exhibition Coming to an End

The current exhibition will be ending on Saturday 11th September so if you haven’t been in to see it next week is your chance! I’d just like to take this chance to thank the artists for supporting the gallery, and congratulate them on the fine work they do. We know it’s a hard life as an artist so keep up the fabulous work!

A new exhibition will follow the following week (from the 15th Sept). With a new bunch of talented artists with a whole new range of styles.

Portraits a Plenty

From the beginning I’ve wanted to document the people who come into the gallery by having people sit for a portrait. These portraits have been placed in the windows for others to see. The response has been fantastic! I’ve had such a range of nationalities and ages to draw. Each sitting was 15 – 20 mins long which is long enough for most people 🙂 Here are few more to add to the rouges gallery. They have become so popular that people are now requesting portraits to buy.

Resident Artist – Maureen Fowler

Maureen was our resident artist at the gallery last week. She was working on a pottery project creating piggy banks. It’s great for different visitors to the gallery to see different artists working in their different disciplines.

It’s all happening at the gallery!

Gallery 7 was set up to promote local (Wellington, Hutt Valley) artists. It was also set up so Shivaun and I could paint and draw while there. As well as be a meeting point for likeminded artists to get together.

Well this last week as been really busy! My aim is to document our time here by doing a series of portraits of visitors to the gallery and plaza where the gallery is. Well on Friday 5 fabulous young women came in the sit for me so I could do their portraits. Each sitting was about 15 mins long and a great challenge as each of their faces were so different but so interesting to draw. It was great fun so thanks girls for participating!

Collaboration project

This is potentially really exciting! Shivaun, Clarence Collier and Bindy Bonnette are working on a collaborative piece of art. Bringing each of their skills together to create an artwork with a message.

The fabulous thing about it is that the artwork will be created at the gallery so that people can watch it unfold.

We are looking forward to seeing it come together.